Fragile? Nothing fragile here, everything is fragile here, back to the basement…

Fragile? nothing fragile here, everything is fragile here. We’ve been keeping a low profile, avoiding the end of year must flog some art panic, art is for life not just for Christmas, get us to the other side already. We might look like we’re not busy, we are though, serene  above the waterline, feet kicking like mad down there out of sight.  We have several iron in fired, there#s never too many irons in the fire.  We’ve been invited to come do shows in a number places, we are being picky though, watch this space, we’ll have some news any moment now about news shows in new spaces,  Before that, Fragile, back to what now is familiar ground, we like BSMT Space, we like putting on short sharp in and out shows in that basement, we just like it down there, and so….

Cultivate returns once more to Dalston and that beautiful basement known as BSMT Space . Another gathering of pro-active artists and another maximalist exercise in cross-pollination. A room alive with contemporary painters, so-called street artists, performers, print makers and more…. Watch this space…. Opening on Thursday evening and then a short sharp shock of a show through the weekend and closing on Sunday, no messing about, just artists, walls, people and….

Once more this is about taking art and artists out of those comfortable little boxes that the London art scene appears to need, mixing things up, messing with the rules, nothing fragile –

Last time it was Debased,  Emma Harvey and I  invited a wallpaper printer (currently hanging in the V&A), alongside a street artist currently painting East London walls, a London dress-maker currently raging against London Fashion week, a contemporary painter currently exploring the view found through a circle, a performance artist freshly returned from her LA performance next to a pro-active artist still questioning the destruction of the mining communities, this time? Well we’re working on it…. .

Opening night is on Thursday 9th Feb, 6-9pm at BSMT Space, 5d Stoke Newington Rd, Dalston (then open Fri, Sat, Sun 11am until 6pm)

ARTIST LINE UP – Emma and I shall be pulling the line up together in the coming days and weeks while we debate and chew and these things don’t just happen, they take a lot of time and effort and these things have to be right for us, for those coming ts the show and for the artists invited  (sw)

CULTIVATE: Debased - Marnie Scarlet, post performance

CULTIVATE: Debased – Marnie Scarlet, post performance

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