Fragile then, these are fragile times…

Fragile then, these are fragile times, that wasn’t the reason for calling this third and final show in the trilogy of shows from Cultivate over at BSMT Space in Dalston.  Someone just said that I should be out protesting rather than worrying about art shows. Maybe so? He argued this was not a time to be thinking about self-indulgent things like art. It is though, it very much is, this is a time for creativity, for positive energy, for people coming together, for unity, for the positive sharing of culture(s) for cross-pollination, at times like this art is more important than ever. Right now we need the questions art throws up, the unity art offers, we need people coming together, we need strong art, we need defiant music, we need committed statement, we need people united and doing rather than standing by and giving in. We need art that reaches out, we need open doors, open hearts, we need to be part of the community, not cut off from the community celebrating ourselves behind closed gallery doors or car parks we keep to ourselves.  Art matters, art matters more than ever, group shows matter more than ever, coming together matters more than ever, taking part matters more than ever. (sw)

Fragile opens a week on Thursday over at BSMT Space, Dalston, London, N16.  Watch this space for new of the who and the what….


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