A shout out for our friends over at Hackney Wick…. We don’t need a bridge! They need your help…

“Our battle to Save Hackney Wick Artist warehouse community is at a crucial point!” said a spokesperson for the Save Hackney Wick campaign just now.   Vyner Street has all gone now, we’re losing our art spaces on a weekly basis, the creative lifeblood is being drained from the capital city and especially over here in the East, we lost the fight for our street (without much of a fight, from anyone but us), we all need to stand up for this one. We’ve taken part in a lot of events over in the Wick, a lot of our contributing artists are based over in the Wick, Hackney Wick’s artist community is important, the community need art and creativity, it needs artists, this is vital..


“It would mean a lot if you could get behind a small action with big impact, to save this gem in London’s cultural heritage before loosing it’s Artist’s to more sustainable cities… just click through the link in 3mins savehackneywick.org to auto compose an email directly to the Mayor to stop construction of an unnecessary bridge planned to knock through the Vittoria Wharf warehouse and destroy a thriving community and livelihoods in the process.


Aida Wilde

The photo above [by Kirsten Allen] shows a few of 600+ Artists in area armed with our tools of resistance (mine are words:)… Over the past 6months I’ve been amazed by the power of neighbours collaborating, not being evicted without a fight, fearlessly led by Nima Teranchi hardballing corperate bodies, national tv interviews & relentless campaigning behind the scenes with no prior experience, apart from the school of life gained from being in a punk band, ha [Arrows of Love].

As a result we’ve actually been offered investment of £millions needed to buy the entire warehouse, if the powers that be (LLDC)took their dirty hands off the property, allowing it to be bought & managed by the community, which could act as a business model for other communities under threat of gentrification!

If you’re interested in continuing the conversation to protect artist spaces internationally, we’d love to hear ideas at info@savehackneywick.org to join the dots of our shared challenges & solutions, Thankthankthank you!”   (Candice Holmes) .

Catalyst : https://i-d.vice.com/…/art…/why-we-need-to-save-hackney-wick

Progress: http://www.wharf.co.uk/…/artists-hackney-wick-say-cattle-12…

Deadline: TOMORROW 02/02 5pm GMT/12pm EST/ 9am PST



SOME ORGAN COVERAGE of the Save Hackney Wick campaign and some of what’s going on around here in East London…

ORGAN THING: Save Yourselves, Olympic Legacy and a little more than just another East London art show… The contrast between the art event explored this Friday evening and last Friday’s almost offensive excesses over at Frieze cannot be ignored. The contrasts at Stour Space, the plight of the artists and designers, the plight of the creative community that has thrived for many years over in Hackney Wick, the contrast between the defiance…

ORGAN THING: Save Yourselves, Hackney Wick, the Lord Napier, Daxx & Roxane and the day Heavy Metal went to the dogs….  Where were we? Not hanging around underground car parks that’s for sure, that flash of energy long since blew away in a cloud of something or other… Art is forever evolving and the Aida Wilde led interaction with the ever changing walls of the Lord Napier over in Hackney Wick for this year’s WickEd was…

ORGAN THING: Mare Street, An Idea of Progress? Space, Stik, Last Tuesday Society, Ivan Argote, The Cockney Shoe Model, the Regeneration architect, the impact entrepreneur, the futures thinker and Tony Two Vans…  Mare street? There’s a giant banner on Mare Street right now. Is it a banner? A giant banner thing covering the entire facade of Space Studios on Mare Street (Hackney, London E8) was unfurled back in January. We’re in mid March now, the banner is there for a few more days (until the 19th), the…


The corner where Cultivate once stood on Vyner Street.

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