Vesna Parchet joins the Fragile line up, Espira answers 13 questions…

We’re rather leased to say Vesna Parchet will be making a debut as far as Cultivate shows go, this A1 hand finished print is one of the pieces you’ll be able to view in the flesh next week at the Fragile show at BSMTspace… Rather pleased to have these pieces in the show….


Versna Parchet – Handshake


Meanwhile, as we build up to the opening night on Thursday,  over on the Organ website, Fragile artist Espira has answered 13 questions, that link there will take you to the answers..

13 QUESTIONS FROM ORGAN: The raw meat of artist Espira

Who is Espira? Answering that question really isn’t that easy, information is thin on the ground, he’s one of those artists who doesn’t say much about his rather intriguing art, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a bit of mystery is a good thing, less information is often more. London’s delightfully…





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