The Art Car Boot Fair is this Sunday then, art for all, come party at Kings Cross..

There never seems to be time to write, paint comes first, second and third, painting, drawing, art dropping on my case (although they’re never dropped, always carefully hung), printing in Emma’s case, well in recent weeks anyway, an outburst of printing when she would usually be painting. Busy week here this week, wet paint brush in mouth, painting(s) on the go over there but there needs to be an update, lots going on. What are we doing? Where have we been? Who? Why? when will thee be another open call show? No idea in terms of the last question, maybe tomorrow, we do love open calls but they can be such thankless things to pull together and there are so many things that need out attention right now, the next open call will have to wait . We’re busy, we’re stupidly busy, mostly with our own art I must admit, but we are busy and we’re are just about to have a dramatic outburst or two in terms of Cultivate activity and events and shows and things…

This weekend we’re at the 2018 Art Car Boot Fair, always one of the best days of the London art year, the fair is happening a little later than usual this year, and at a new venue, we’re over in Kings Cross, London N1, this Sunday 16th September, midday until 6pm over in Granary Square, Kings Cross, London, N1C 1AA. Always a delight to be invited, I think this will be the sixth year we’ve been invited as Cultivate, always a big honour to be asked ot take part. This year it will be myself (Sean), Emma Harvey and the duo that is Quiet British Accent sharing the Cultivate “boot” or maybe the big red gazebo rather than an actual car boot. Expected lots of very affordable art, original paintings for as little as £1, expect leaves, layers, fresh layers, Emma’s Riot Grrrl prints and a maybe a revisit to to those feminist ponies this time in the form of handmade prints, expect Quiet British Accent pennies, bring yourselves, bring cash, cash is always king, bring smiles, it isn’t all about buying, expect a great day anyway, artists, music, entertainment, people watching, always an exciting day,, Head for the Art Car Boot Fair official website for ticket details and such. We’re told entry is £10 before 3pm, £5 After 3pm and free after 5pm for the last hour –  Art Car Boot Fair


Emma Harvey – Pony Prints to the front…


Sir Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, Geraldine Swayne, Mat Collishaw, Polly Morgan, Rachel Howard, Bob & Roberta Smith, Pam Hogg, Marcus Harvey, Kristjana S Williams, Tracey Neuls, Keith Coventry, Mr Bingo, Ian Dawson, Charming Baker, David David, Colin Self, Jessica Voorsanger, Ben Eine, Camille Phoenix, ARTourist with Alice Herrick, Nina Fowler, Paul Kindersley, Robert Rubbish, Keeler Tornero, Sophy Rickett, Misha, Richard Clegg, Barry Reigate, Jake Clarke, Carrie Reichardt, Schoony, Pure Evil, Holly Allan, Christian Furr, Marie–Teresa Gavazzi, India Roper-Evans & Julia Maddison, Paul Sakoilsky, Wilma Johnson, Jennifer Binnie, Christine Binnie, Renaissance Selfies, Bumble & Earwig, X Ray Fog, Kate Knight, James Joyce, James Unsworth, Amelia Troubridge, Carla Borel, Tony Beaver, Laura New, Keeler Tornero, Nick Walker, Joseph Gibson, Helen Pritchard, Edy Ferguson, Ivan Black, Darren Coffield, Jessica Albarn, David J Batchelor, Wildcat Will, Sophy Rickett, Bip Ling, Tanya Ling, Stephanie Carlton-Smith, Jessica Wilson, Silvia Ziranek, Cliff Pearcey, David Fenwick, Marty Thornton, Nick Reynolds, Mark Jones, Kelly-Ann Davitt, Jason Gibilaro, Paul Hodgson, Dion Kitson, Meanmail .

Special single artists presentations from Artlyst, Art on a Postcard, True Rocks, House of Fairytales, The Idler, Cob Gallery, Moniker, Turps Banana & Alumni, Worton Hall Studios ., Jealous Gallery with Conor Brothers & more, Baron Magazine, Flying Leaps with Kennard Phillips, Heath Kane, Oddly Head, Robert Inkflood and Dr D, Outside World, Cultivate with Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey and Quiet British Accent, KIN ART with RYCA & Swifty, Smithson Gallery with Andrew Miller, Sophie Layton, Jayson Lilley, Clare Halifax, Helen Jones, Frea Buckler and Charlotte Farmer. L-13 with Billy Childish and Jamie Reid

Plus NEW! for 2018: Ed Eustace & the Harbingers, Andy Leek and Notes to Strangers, Cultural Traffic and Toby Mott, Danny Rolph, Gina Soden, Juno Calypso, Joe Sweeney, Lady Muck, The Misfortune Teller, Mustufa Hulusi, Phil Colbert, Charlotte Colbert, Rob & Nick Carter, Chris Levine

PLUS! Black Door Agency presents The Art of the DJ with Andy Weatherall, Justin Robertson, Kevin Rowland’s Live DJ Show, Lulu Laven and Miranda Sawyer.


Sean Worrall, One Hundred Pieced Piece (2018)

THE 2018 HUNDRED PIECED PIECE – The 2018 Art Car Boot fair is almost upon us and tradition now almost demands the annual Hundred Pieced Piece, a now annual piece of work in one hundred parts, a hundred paintings on recycled cardboard all painted together, all painted at the same time, each piece on sale at just £1 per painting on the day of the fair. The day this year being Sunday September 16th and the place being Granary Square, Kings Cross. The piece is about many things, about leaves growing on the things we waste, fresh layers of growth on the things we mindlessly throw out, about recycling, about the notions of art for all, that art can be fun, original paintings can be for everyone, the notions of the cheap art manifesto, the idea that anyone can get involved in collecting and enjoying art, that art is not just for the privileged few, that art isn’t a business (a curator, a curator who is also an artist, a rather boring artist, said to me recently that he thought art was just another business, that it was nothing more than that, how depressing, what a soulless thing for an artist to say). I like the idea that these pieces are affordable to (almost) everyone, that these pieces might be the first piece of original art that a youngster might buy, that it might spark an idea, a smile, that the painting might make someone smile when they look at it, art needs to have a soul, it doesn’t always have to come with a massive price tag. I enjoy painting these pieces for the Art Car Boot Fair, I love be part of the Art Car Boot Fair,I think this is the fifth time I’ve painted a Hundred piece for the fair now. Here then are the hundred leaves (or whatever you wish to see) for the 2018 Art Car Boot Fair, see you in Kings Cross, bring your coins, the Art Car Boot Fair is always one of the best days of the year, art is everyone.



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