Attract will be the first Cultivate show of 2019. at least we expect it will be…


Attract will be the first Cultivate group show of 2019. at least we expect it will be, you never know, something might pop up in the first sixteen days of the year, the first Cultivate show of 2019 will open on January 17th at the remodelled BSMT Space there on the borders of Hackney, Dalston and Stoke Newington where the edges of East London meet the borders of North London.  Attract will be a carefully curated group show, mostly focussed on painting and painters but hey, expect a touch of performance, a hint or two of sculpture or installation, maybe a printer or two, perhaps something wordy? Is there a place for words? Attract will probably be a typical Cultivate gallery group show, not sure what that means but you know what Cultivate is about don’t you? You know there will exciting art and a new name or two, you know about those artists who made their early moves at Cultivate shows. I wasn’t sure if we’d go back to BSMT Space again, we have done a number of shows there now, but we do like what they’ve done with the place since they re-opened and we do like the shows they put on.

Attract will mostly be artists that we already know and have worked with already  or who’s art we’ve already seen in the flesh at other shows, there will be a small element of “open call” though, and hopefully a couple of artists we haven’t heard of yet though, we need our shows to excite us as much as they hopefully excite you…Putting on art shows is exciting, Curator hat on today then, it isn’t my favourite hat, it needs to be done though, and we do rather like the way the BSMT Space space has been remodelled, Attract then, I expect it will be our first show of 2019, then again, it might not be. Time to do some herding, showing the work of our fellow artists does excite us, well the art of the artists that excite us anyway, putting on shows is exciting, I do like this hat, this is my favourite hat, well no, my painting hart is my favourite one. one of my painting hats… …

Watch this space then, we only just booked the show yesterday and we do kind of have our Art Car Boot Fair hats on this week, the Art Car Boot Fair Christmas Wrap Party happens this Sunday December 9th, more about that in a moment, expect some Cultivate artists there…. lots of hats to wear today… Details of the open call element up here later, get on the mailing list for more details… where’s my hat?  (sw)


Part One, Intention, September 2018 – Emma Harvey

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