The first ever Christmas version of the beautiful thing that is the Art Car Boot Fair is almost upon us, the Christmas Wrap Party happens this coming Sunday, here’s 43 images and the full artist line up, have you got your ticket yet?

A piece that was written for Organ, here it is here…


Christmas wrap Party,2018

The first ever Christmas version of the beautiful thing that is the Art Car Boot Fair is almost upon us, the Christmas Wrap Party happens this coming Sunday over by the River Thames, at the great big indoor space called The Workshop over by Newport Street gallery and such at 26 Lambeth High Street, London SE1. It all kicks off at midday on Sunday, I’m told only ticket holders get in for the first hour and a half and then after that you can pay on the door, entry is free after 5pm and it all goes on until 6pm. Now you probably know already but I really should declare my interest before we go any further, I’m one of the participating artists invited to take part again, its an honour to be one of the invited artists, I love being part of it, the main summer event is always a highlight of the art year,


Kristjana Williams

We’re expecting the Christmas wrap to be just as much fun as the summer event, and hey, what could possible be better in terms of a Christmas gift than some original art bought directly from the artist who made it themselves, and with absolutely no apologies what so ever for repeating something I might have said a few days back,do remember that art is for life and not just for Christmas and do bare in mind when buying gifts for your friends and loved ones that a handmade piece of art says far more about how you feel about them than some mass produced last minute tat from Marks and Sainsbury’s or the Poundshop or Harrod’s or Primark or some such soulless place, help feed an artist or designer this Christmas, but some art from them, do not be buying me another bottle of David Beckham aftershave, I;d far rather have a Julia Maddison print 9I love those strippy jumper prints, I lust after a full set, (rather like her new bags as well). There’s going to be so so much to explore in terms of art and gift buying (or treating yourself), I shall have 43 original paintings for sale at £1 a go jsut for the day, Emma Harvey’s special edition of handmade Ponies Against Patriarchy prints just for the fair, available at the outrageously cheap price of £5 a shot, I’ve seen some good looking Paul Sakoilsky paintings (we hear Kunst the Clown might show up along with the Owlman), there’s more charm from the ever charming Charming Baker, Bob and Roberta Smith always says it with style as does Jessica Voorsanger, must check out what Geraldine Swayne has to offer – actually when you’re an artist taking part it isn’t always easy to see what other people have to offer, but that’s the thing you see, a big big part of the thing about the thing that is the rather unique Art Car Boot Fair is the engagement, the way art get to let his or her hair down (still not decided if art has a gender?), the way we as artists just get to meet people, to chat, to engage in a way we never really get to do when we’re in a gallery situations.


Emma Harvey

And no, it isn’t all about buying, but do bring cash if you do intend buying, cash is king, there is lots (and lots) of art on sale of course, and okay not everything id for everyone, I fail to get why anyone would shell out £125 for a Ben Eine print that looks pretty much like all his others, a limited edition of just 125 we’re told, no, don’t get it, each to their own, that’s the thing though, there’s something for everyone, I’m hoping to pick up a piece off the Binnie Sisters, there’s something for everyone, whatever your tastes there’s something for you, something for me, for her, for him, surely everyone loves a Carrie Reichardt tile or a Lady Muck patch? But it isn’t all about buying, the Art Car Boot Fair makes for brilliant people watch, and there’s lot of music and performance and things to get involved in or eat or drink or play, there;s DJ’s and who knows what, here’s what the Fair people say – …. .


Rachael Howard

Join us for our first ever Art Car Boot Fair Christmas Wrap Party! The Art Car Boot Fair Christmas Wrap Party will bring together over 70 artists in a covered venue in the heart of Vauxhall’s gallery district. Expect incredible Christmas gift bargains, mystery prizes, raffles, pass the art parcel and the Secret Santa Casino! Hand finishing and personalisations directly by the artists. Something for everyone and our off-beat spin on festive fun! Plus! Performances! Plus! Special wrapping and postage services. This venue has a maximum capacity so book early to avoid disappointment! Advance ticket holders only between 12 – 1:30pm. Tickets on the door after 1:30pm”.

There you have it, all the fun of the fair this Sunday, first person to say, “I love your Organ thing” on the day gets a free painting, first person to bring be a nice cold pint will have my love forever, we artists really do get stuck behind our stalls all day  (sw)


Sean Worrall – Starz

The ARTIST LINE-UP – Rachel Howard . Geraldine Swayne . Jessica Voorsanger . Polly Morgan . Kristjana S Williams . Marcus Harvey . Mat Collishaw . Gavin Turk . Mr Bingo . Patrick Hughes . Barry Reigate . Kate Knight . Carrie Reichardt . Amelia Troubridge . True Rocks . Christabel McGreevy . Laura New . Sara Pope . Camille Phoenix . Colin Self . Andrew Weatherall . James Birch . Justin Robertson . Matt Small . Charming Baker . Trolley Books & TJ Boulting . Cob Gallery & Help Refugees . Ian Dawson . Turps Painters . Jake Clark . David Batchelor . Dion Kitson . Christian Furr . Wildcat Will . Rennaissance Selfies . Keira Rathbone Typewriter Artist . L-13 with Jamie Reid . Liam Ryan . Sadie Hennessey . Paul Sakoilsky . Wilfred Wood . Tony Beaver . Stephanie Carlton Smith . Holly Allan . Ruth Fox . James Joyce . David David . Cate Halpin and the Outside World . The Misfortune Teller . Meanmail . Wilma Johnson . Alice Herrick & Rachel Megawhat . Jennifer Binnie . Christine Binnie . Paul Davis . Elli Popp . Morel Books . Flying Leaps . Lady Muck . Sean Worrall . Emma Harvey . Quiet British Accent . Julie Maddison . Misha Milovanovich . Kelly-Ann Davitt . Wildcat Will . Jane Howard . Atom Gallery . Richard Clegg & Zach . Keeler Tornero . Alteria Art with Nancy Fouts . Jealous Gallery with Charming Baker, Chris Levine, Ben Eine, Ceal Warnants, Dave Buona Guidi + . Moniker Projects with Matt Small and Lucas Price . Art on a Postcard with Russian Dolls . The Beauty Papers with Gillian Wearing, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Julie Verhoeven + . Bumble & Earwig . Joseph Gibson . Smithson Gallery with Frea Buckler, Gillian Garnica, Sarah Duncan, Jason Lilley . Jono Boyle, Rose Emerson, Andrew Millar, Charlotte Farmer and Claire Halifax . Plus The Secret Santa Casino .


Art Car Boot Fair, Summer 2018

And as Run Riot reported earlier today as part of a ninterview with Gavin Turk about the fair (amongst other things) 

Artists will be selling work from £50 and under and will offer hand finishing and personalisations on purchased pieces. A special wrapping and postage service will also be available on-site, alongside handmade Christmas cards and decorations.

Renaissance Selfies – Designed to engage and encourage a creative response from visitors, Renaissance Selfies presents the opportunity to create hilarious portraits in an early Renaissance style.

Portraits in Plasticine – Acclaimed artist Wilfred Woods will be offering visitors the chance to have their portraits done in plasticine. Exquisite works of art in themselves, the plasticine portraits are fun and creative in their likeness, making them a perfect keepsake.

The Misfortune Teller will be offering unique Dark Therapy, personalised dark prophecies for the coming year.

10 minute portraits from Turps Painters who are offering visitors the chance to have their own bespoke, hand painted portrait to take home and all in under 10 minutes!

Live music and performances will run throughout the day, with musical sets from top DJ’s including Andrew Weatherall and Justin Robertson and an Acapella Carol- Singing Choir.

The Secret Santa Casino will give brave buyers the chance to buy a ready-wrapped present from a number of artists exhibiting on the day; visitors will have no idea what’s inside and the real fun is to be had in mailing the present direct to someone else using the fair’s special postage service. Mystery prizes, raffles, pass the art parcel and art bingo can also be enjoyed during the fair.

Numerous stalls offering seasonal dishes and drinks will be available at the fair.

Flash Sales on-line – Partnering with Vero – the cool and ad-free social network – the Art Car Boot Fair will be offering their first flash sale of super-desirable artworks on-line every Sunday throughout December. Details will be announced across all social media channels and via the Art Car Boot Fair newsletter a few days in advance of each sale.

Founder of Art Car Boot Fair, Karen Ashton comments. “The Christmas edition of the Art Car Boot Fair will be a seasonal fair like no other where visitors can buy, barter for and win an incredible array of original art works and wares in an exuberant atmosphere of frivolity and fun.”

For the full programme please visit

ART CAR BOOT FAIR, Sunday 9 December, 12-6pm, The Workshop, 26 Lambeth High Street, London SE1 7AG –

A flavour of some of the art and artists, just some mind, 43 images, a flavour from Summer and what you can expect on Sunday


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