Really not sure how much easier we can make it?The open call element of the Attract group show closes at midnight on December 20th….


I saw it First, I want It Worse, Columbia Road, September 2018 – Sean Worrall

The open call element of the Attract show, the first group show of 2019, is open until Thursday December 20th, hopefully the open call is very simple. Really not sure how much easier we can make it? The next Cultivate group show opens on January 17th, the show is a mixed media multi discipline contemporary art dhow, a group show with a leaning towards painting, hopefully people who have been to one of our many group shows (or at least looked at them on line) will know what we do, what we’re about, what the shows are about. We are expecting to show the work of around 20 artists – mostly painters but our minds are open to 3D, print, textiles,, most of the work will be from artists that are being invited, artists we’ve already worked with, artists who excite us and get what Cultivate is about, artists who have been in previous shows or that we’ve worked with in shows we’ve been in, but but but we are inviting artists who haven’t been involved before or who we don’t know yet to get involved, we think open calls are important, we think flesh blood is important, we want to bring in around five people via the open call, hopefully artists we don’t know about yet, or maybe just artists who may follow us on our various social media feeds or mailing lists and who haven’t got involved with us before. The show is in London, the show is a short run show so we are restricting it to artists in the London area who can deliver and collect art without making us jump through hoops and such. We simply want exciting art and exciting artists, that is the criteria. We could very easily fill the gallery with art and artists we already know but like we do keep saying, we like the door to be open and open calls are very important, I’m sure there’s a whole load of exciting artists out there we don’t know about yet, The full details are there on the open call page of the gallery website, all hopefully very very simple…

AND HERE,to save you heading for the page that explains the policy on calls and lots more besides is the open call once again, there, down bellow the image…




OPEN CALL – ATTRACT  – The deadline for this open call is midnight (UK time) Thursday December 20th 2018

ATTRACT will happen physically via the gallery walls and floors at BSMT Space gallery (over on the borders of Hackney in Dalston, London N16), the show will open on Thursday January 17th at 6pm and run daily 11am until 6pm) until Sunday 20th

The show will feature the art of around 20 carefully selected artists, mostly art from invited artists who have worked with us before, there will be a small open call element, new blood is always important, there will be five spaces

The open call: We invite artists to submit good quality images of work they would like to show. Once again we are looking for exciting cutting edge art, we’re not going to set a theme, the show in called Attract make of that what you will. We don’t really want what you would consider “traditional” art. Polite landscapes or watercolour studies of flowers have their place.but that place isn’t in this show. We’re looking to involve five exciting artists via this open call, hopefully five artists who haven’t worked with us in a physical show before (or at least haven’t worked with us in the last couple of years)

Artists are invited to submit up to four images of the work you would like to show. We’re mostly looking for painters and paintings (nothing too much bigger than a metre square, but hey, print makers, smaller 3d pieces, rule breakers, the call is open. We also require a link to your website so we can find out more about you and your work. This call is ONLY open to artists who are working in the London area, we need you to be able to deliver your art to the hang on Wednesday afternoon on January 16th and to be around to collect art at 6pm and help with the clear up on Sunday January 20th. The show is short sharp one, it really is only for London-based artists who can get to the gallery without too much fuss or expense.

Submissions via e,mail to info at cultivategallery dot com and clearly marked ATTRACT OPEN CALL  in the subject line please 

The deadline for this open call is midnight (UK time) Thursday December 20th 2018  . We will respond to everyone as soon as possible, the deadline is merely the last day that art can be submitted, the selection process will start right now and will be on-going throughout the rest of the year and up until December 20th,  we will be responding before that final closing date if we have made a decision on your submission. If the show fills up before the deadline then the open call will close early  We are expecting a lot of submissions so please do be patient and please do be reasonable.

COSTS: Policy here is to NEVER charge artists a fee just to submit an e.mail and an image to an open call, we strongly object to that practice (in fact we actively campaign against the cynical idea here at Cultivate). There will be no charge to submit work (you should never have to pay a “fee” just to submit an e.mail to an open call, galleries and curators who do do that are exploiting artists),  Artists who are invited to take part in the show will be asked to contribute to the costs of the show and the gallery hire fee.  We’re artists in this together, we’re hiring a space to put on a show, we’re all sharing the costs of a show we’re actually taking part in between us so each of us will be contributing £30 per artist to the costs.  Cultivate is about us artists doing it ourselves, about doing things a slightly different way, Cultivate is about the trying to treat artists in the way we want to be treated as artists ourselves. This is a show is a proper formal established white-walled gallery space, not some coffee shop or pub hiring out a spare walls or some such thing to make a quick bit of money out of you, this is a not-fot-profit show run by artists for artists.  That’s how we work. now over to you, the call is open,  excite and attract us with your submissions and your art

Submissions via e,mail to info at cultivategallery dot com and clearly marked ATTRACT OPEN CALL  in the subject line please –

Here;s another photo of a piece that arrived at Cultivate as a result of an open call..







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