We’re excited to be at The Art Car Boot Fair this Sunday, we’re excited about a number of things…

A quick Cultivate update, we’re busy, we’re in a rush, you know we are, we’re always busy, we said this last time (and the time before that), today we’re making signs ahead of Sunday’s Art Car Boot Fair, the Art Car Boot Fair is one of the best days on the London art calendar, always an honour to be invited to take part…


This year The Art Car Boot Fair happens in Kings Cross, it happens this Sunday June 23rd, there’s a big list of exciting artists taking part, fulll details of the line up, tickets and more here via the official Art Car Boot Fair website, really is a strong line up this year, quite a few surprises…

The Cultivate boot will feature us Cultivate founders Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey, once again we’ll be joined by special guest due Quiet British Accent

The burning question is the question of Chips or is it about that one time Runaway Joan Jett? With 2019 being the Love Edition of the Art Car Boot Fair the question is who or what do you love most, Joan Jett or Chips? Is it all about not caring about her reputation?


Artist, mostly painter, Emma Harvey loved to let her hair down once a year for the Art Car Boot Fair, in past years we’ve seen her Art Tarts, her Ponies, her Riot Grrrl paintings, her referencing of Bikini Kill or Seven Year Bitch her ribbon paintings, her reclaiming of feminist reclaiming of pornography on old 78 records, this year she say she thought about the question of love and does she love chips more than she loved Joan Jett? A perfectly reasonable question of course,, she failed to bring up the question of Currie sauce with the chips, do love those chip prints, it really is a tough question, why does art have to ask these difficult questions?


#43Leaves is a piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings from me,Sean Worrall,all painted on found recycled unwanted wood picked up off the streets. All 43 paintings, all 43 parts of the piece painted especially for this Sunday’s Art Car Boot Fair e,ach painting for sale only on.the day at a one-off price of £5 per painting.


I shall also have more of the recent Fruit Shop paintings, those apples and pomegranates and such, come have a look, look for the big pink and white punk as flip sign.   Quiet British Accent are busy with penny prints and more, come and see on Sunday


We’re busy with lots of things we’ll tell you about soon, new shows, things in Hackney Wick, Deptford X, The Whitecross Street Party in July, we have a new painterly group show called Nothing Is Square, we’ll be announcing more about that one in a week or so, there will be an open call aspect tothat one. We’re doing things with MOB, My Dog Sighs, Suzie Pindar, we’ll be doing more on-line shows, we have lots coming up on the other side of the Art Car Boot Fair, let us enjoy this Sunday then we’ll hit you with the next things…





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