The Art Car Boot Fair happened, Nothing is Square is happening later, things are always happening…


TWO at Cultivate, 29th August 2013 – two years of Cultivate down Vyner Street..

A quick one, there never really is time to write blogs and bits and you know the score, we’d rather be doing that writing about doing. The website and the blog was probably far more important when we did have a permanent home and running a full-time gallery was a priority, probably not quite so important now in these nomadic times. We are still busy in terms of our Cultivate hats though, we’re not quite ready to close that chapter yet, we are doing things, we do have plans and we’d like to thing that when we do pull together things like group shows under the Cultivate banner then you do get what we’re about and why we do it, it is about artists coming together to make things happen, it is about treating artists in the right way, treating our fellow artists in a way that we’d like to be treated.


And so the 2019 London Art Car Boot Fair happened, always one of the best days of the year, there’s a bag load of words and photos over on the Organ website. The fair happened just over a week ago now, we had a great time, not everything about the Art Car Boot Fair is perfect but we had a brilliant time, a big big thanks to everyone who came over and said hello, bought art, took photos, it does get stupidly busy at times, if we didn’t get to say hello properly then sorry. Here comes the link to the Organ review and all the photos –

ORGAN THING: And so the 2019 Art Car Boot Fair happened – different, defiant, same as it ever was, you have to love it…

The Fruit Shop is my thing, me being Sean, the Fruit Shop will make another appearance at this year’s Whitecross Street Party on Saturday and Sunday13th/14th July on Whitecross Street, London EC1 – The Fruit Shop will make a third appearance of the year at the 10th annual Whitecross Street Party during the day (Midday until 6pm), and like it did at the Art Car Boot Fair the Fruit shop will take the from of a market stall. The day and the whole street should be alive with art, with a big cast of street artists, with stalls, food, with live painting, music, art is the galleries and more. The Fruit Shop will be alive with fresh apples, oranges and who knows what. it will mostly be a Sean Worrall thing, affordable original paintings in line with the Cheap Art Manifesto/ We will have the option of Emma Harvey’s Chips or Joan Jett along with a number of other pieces of art from guest artists on the Fruit Shop stall over the weekend. Entry to the event is free in terms of attendance


We;’re working on a number of shows right now including a show called Nothing is Square

NOTHING IS SQUARE will happen in November as part of the next Cultivate Columbia Road takeover at Shipton Street Gallery here in East London. Everything will be square, all on squares, squares of art, all uniform. What you do within that square is really up to you. The square will be a canvas, 20cm x 20cm x 1cm, we want every canvas to be exactly the same in terms of dimensions, everything on a 20cm x 20cm x 1cm canvas, the thing that will unite the show will be the size, in theory it allows for an exciting diverse contemporary art show, I have an idea that it will be mostly about painting but I could be wrong, we’re starting to think about who we want to invite right now, we are working on a number of things that should hopefully happen before the Nothing Is Square show does though…


117: TETE DE ALENCAR – stills from an upcoming performance and sculpture

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