What Would Anne Lister Do? New Emma Harvey prints for this weekend’s Margate leg of the 2019 Art Car Boot Fair…


We have some new Emma Harvey prints, some fresh new handmade prints, each one slight different to the last, the perfect way to do it. Some new Emma Harvey handmade A4 lino prints, “all A4 lino prints and all have eco glitter (biodegradeable, you get it from here)”. Two new Ponies Against Patriarchy prints (blue and gold), editions of 25 each, two Gentleman Jack / Anne Lister prints are in editions of 10 each, (however, the pink Suranne Jones one doesn’t actually have any glitter on it). The prints are heading to Margate this Saturday for the Margate leg of the 2019 Art Car Boot Fair adventure, the fair opens at 1pm, it goes on all afternoon, loads more details here via the Organ page or via www.artcarboofair.com. I believe the prints will be £10 each on the day, all numbered and signed on the back and all that kind of thing…


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