Cultivate things, off to Margate this Saturday, off to Columbia Road in a month or so…


It might not look like it but we are very busy, busy juggling different hats and paint brushes and looking at weather reports, come on weather gods, one more weekend of glorious seaside sunshine please, some of us have hardly made it out of Hackney this summer! Whatever the weather the Art Car Boot fair is undercover in what we’re told is a classically brutal big bright car park at Margate’s Dreamland this coming Saturday (September 28th). Cultivate founders Emma Harvey and me. Sean Worrall, will be there, as will a number of names and faces hopefully familiar to Cultivate regulars, loads and loads of artists taking part. it all kicks of at 1pm this Saturday, if you want to get in first and grab the best of the limited editions and the bargains then probably best to bag one of the 1000 advance £10 tickets that get you in first. We’re told once the people with tickets are let in (assuming they are there on the dot at 1pm), and then everyone else without a ticket can pay a tenner on the gate to get in, the whole thing goes on until 5pm and I do believe its £5 to get in after 3pm. More on tickets, the extensive line up of artists and more over on the official Art Car Boot Fair website.


Sean Worrall – Margate skylines No.2 (Dreamland) – September 2019 – acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 20cm,

One thing I do want to put out there, there is a charge to get in but it is a full-on day, and it isn’t just about buying art, there’s things to take part in, there’s music, there art to just look at of course, there’s food, drink, performance, there’s Dreamlands itself, there an art casino (whatever that is) and lots more. There’s original painting and prints for as little as a £5, there’s lots of stupidly priced art, and, this bit is IMPORTANT – unlike every other art fair out there, we artists are NOT charged a fortune to take part, in fact we’re not charged a penny, pretty much ever other art fair, rather than selecting and curating in the way Karen, Helen and the Art Car Boot Fair team do, most art fairs just charge anyone willing to pay their often outrageous fees, you’re talking serious amounts of money, hundreds, sometime thousands of pounds to take part in any of the more commercial art fairs. The way the Art Car Boot Fair treats artists is just one of the many things that makes the whole event unique and rather special, nothing like any other art fair actually, it really is a privilege to be invited to come take part again actually, I can wait to get on the first train to Margate tomorrow morning, bring it all one, art excites….


So Emma and I will be in Margate at the fair tomorrow, so will Quiet British Accent, Paul Sakoilsky, Julia Maddison, Carrie Reichardt , Tinsel Edwards & Twinkle Troughton, Julie Caves and a whole load of artists who’ve passed through the Cultivate doors, the list of participating artists is rather substantial actually, go have a look and if you do make it then please do come say hello, in fact if you’re on the Cultivate list or you’re reading this blog thing and you are at the Fair tomorrow, come up and say “”Leaves are the answer” and I’ll give you an extra 10% my already outrageously cheap prices (prices that are all in line with the notions of the Cheap Art Manifesto), me being Sean, Emma’s prints are already too cheap I shall have a new series of hand painted 7″vinyl pieces, some new skyline paintings, and oh do please come have a look, enough with this hard sell, come have a look if you wish to,come haggle if you want to, five quid for an original piece of art, sure you wouldn’t dare haggle? Some fresh fruit painted, the sky is where things are a=t right now, or the line where sky meets land or sea or roof top… .


Emma Harvey has been busy creating new prints, limited editions, all handmade )none of this sending tem to the printers nonsense), prints especially for the Art Car Boot Fair,. handmade mono prints, glitter flavoured (eco glitter, see previous blog, riot grrrl flavoured, Anne Lister flavoured, Bikini Kill flavoured ,, Gentleman Jack flavoured for Anne Lister surely was the original riot Grrrl, go check her out, check out her diaries. She’s printing like a crazed thing, a break from the circles and the oil paint and all that’s to be found in there, sometimes art just has to be fun, these prints are fun…

The Art Car Boot Fair happens on Saturday then Emma and I are full on in terms of the next Columbia Road take over, three Cultivate shows coming up in November here in East London at Shipton Street Gallery, we’re also busy doing things at Deptford X,, considering pizza boxes with Atom Gallery, More about next month next week once we’re back from the seaside and get through this month and carefully “drop” the last of the #43Leaves pieces and take one last look at the Nomadic Gardens before they close …

There’s still an open call element open in terms of the Nothing is Square show, it won’t be open for too much longer, all in your hands, make contact if you feel you might have something to add to the show….



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