The #43Artists group show is now live…

The #43Artists group show is now live, it opened at 8pm this evening, Thursday 2nd April, over on the Organ magazine website. The show, curated by Cultivate founders Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey, features the work of 43 artists. A combination of invited artists and artists who responded to the open call – open calls are always important to us so we’re particularly pleased to have eight artists we didn’t know about a few short weeks ago. Please do go explore the show, hopefully you can get a flavour of each of the artists involved  and then please do follow the links and explore the artist’s own websites.  The #43Artists show is now live, it went live an hour ago, everyone is welcome to come view, pleased to see there were over 4000 views in the first hour, we’re having fn watching the figures and the ata that tells us where in the world people are.  Thank you


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