Cultivate at the 2020 viral edition of the Art Car Boot Fair this Sunday September 20th…

The 2020 Art Car Boot Fair is almost upon us, and as you’d expect with all that is happening right now, things are a little different this year. In past years we have been at the Art Car Boot Fair as Cultivate, in past years Emma and I have invited others to join us under the Cultivate banner in our car boot (well under the gazebo on the Cultivate tables rather than an actual boot), in past years we’ve invited artists such as Julia Maddison, Skeleton Cardboard, the street artist known as 616, painter Matthew Tudor and others and introduced them to the Art Car Boot Fair audience via our Cultivate boot, Quiet British Accent have been regulars on the stall of course, and we’ve shown and sold the work of people like Alo, Carne Griffiths, My Dog Sighs, Lewis Banister, Michelle Mildenhall and many more. Cultivate has always been about introducing new blood and involving new people, we love Cultivating at the very artist-friendly fair, we love the spirit of it all. This year things are a little different though, this year things and all caught up in the ever-shifting chaos of lockdown and pandemic and we can’t all reasonably gather together in one place and meet and talk and people-watch and hopefully sell you art or at least talk about the art we make and the things we do, we can’t physically gather in 2020. And so, this year, for the very first time the Art Car Boot Fair is going vital, the fair is going on line, needs must and all that, but hey, it could be an exciting development, wouldn’t it be great if we were to see the fair both in physical and on-line forms in the future – if there has been one small positive in terms of art in 2020 for us as Cultivate it has been all the interaction and positive engagement from all over the globe as a result of the four on-line shows we’ve put on this year during lockdown – we rather like the idea of being involved in an Art Car Boot Fair that you can engage with from all over the world, we like the idea of the fair being on line – it won’t be quite the same but we do find positives in it all, we are looking forward to next week.

Emma Harvey – Ponies Against Patriarchy hand painted cards, 2020.

And So this year the Art Car Boot Fair is happening on line, it happens on Sunday September 20th, you’ll find full details on the official event site, it opens at Midday UK time, we’re planing lots of things during the day, as are many of the other one hundred or so invited artists and galleries involved. This time though, due to the splendid isolation we all find ourselves in, Emma and I will be in our own individual virtual car boots doing our own thing, we have a page each we’re there as artists rather than as Cultivate, we’ll each have a virtual boot where you’ll find new work from each of us. Expect new work offered exclusively via the fair before it is offered anywhere else (and at fair friendly prices as well), you’ll find new work waiting for you when the fair opens, you’ll find work going on line during the actual event, you might fine live feeds or performance or direct interaction via the thing that is zoom. Emma Harvey will be operating from her studio, I shall be coming at you live from here in Hackney, you might even get to have a look in (or spy on the pigeons)

For this year’s Art Car Boot Fair, Emma Harvey has revisited her Ponies Against Patriarchy series from the 2017 Fair, this time her ponies are all painted on retro 50s pin-ups playing cards – each one unique – all hand painted ponies in gloss paint – Each one will be on sale exclusively and available first at the Art Car Boot Fair at a one-off fair price of £20 each. Emma will also have some exclusive new A4 linoprints – a very limited edition series of handmade prints called ‘I don’t do regret – I expect there might be one or two other things pulled out of Emma’s studio on the day.

Sean Worrall – “Ten” paintings, all acryliv on 10cm x 10cm canvas, 2020

Meanwhile over here I shall be presenting more of the on going Ten series of paintings, I being Sean Worrall and the series being a series of daily concluded paintings that started back in July, as of today there has been 61 daily conclusions, a painting always on a 10cm square canvas, one painting finished every day, not started and finished, just finished, there are always a number of them in progress, just one concluded on a daily basis, one small 10cm square painting finished everyday, Always ten and always offered for sale at a price of £10. The new paintings have so far been offered for sale via my social media and the Cultivate shop as they are finished, however all the September Ten paintings will be offered exclusively before they are made available anywhere else, via the Art Car Boot Fair. The Fair is one of the best supporters of us artists, they always treat us right, so we’re more than happy to support the fair and make new work created available first via the fair. Alongside the current Ten series I shall have a number of new painting created during the last couple of months including some new stripes painting and one or two new Skyline pieces and such. I imagine I might be painting a bigger piece on the day, I imagine some of the bigger paintings that can’t be brought along to the physical fairs will be available on at this viral one…

it all happens on line on Sunday 20th, full details and the full artist line up are on the official website. Yes we would far rather be meeting people via one of many boot-shaped art-filled stalls over at Kings Cross or on the seafront at Folkestone or wherever it would have been this year and we;d rather have a guest or two with is but no, we’re on-line and it isa just Emma and I but we are rather looking forward to it, come say a virtual hello next Sunday (sw)


Emma Harvey – Ponies Against Patriarchy hand painted cards, 2020.

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