The very best things come to those who wait, the on-line Art Car Boot Fair will now happen on Sunday October 4th…

Sean Worrall – “Ten paintings (2020) Acrylic on canvas, 10cm x 10cm.

Well it seems that after a night of no sleep for everyone, the Art Car Boot Fair didn’t happen today – “We are very sorry to all who tried to come to the Viral Art Car Boot Fair. We had technical issues that we could not overcome today. We will be back and fully functional on Sunday October 4th and hope you can join us then. All tickets will be valid for this event. Or if you can’t make it refunds will be direct. Sorry”. And don’t worry, for those who have seen the posting about it catching a virus, it wasn’t a real virus, just big big technical issues that kept some of up all night . What it does mean is we artists and well as the hard-working and rather fried organisers all learnt loads in the last couple of days and night and the event on 4th will be even better as a result. The best things come to those who wait and what we saw of the the pages and the site in the lead up looked brilliant, lot of engaging art and things to explore. It will be even better on ther4th, hand on in there and bring it all on.

As someone else said just now, ” Karen Ashton and her team have been working round the clock to do something amazing, something unprecedented and brilliant using brand new tech. Supporting Artists and attempting to provide an online event for art lovers to replace the ‘Live’ edition of the art car boot fair that was struck down by Covid this year. Technology got the better of them, and completely unpredictable and unforeseen issues have meant the Viral Art Car Boot Fair has had to be postponed today but WILL return in two weeks time… robust and fabulous”

– And that is right, there is no one who supports us artists and treats us in the right way quite like the Art Car Boot Fair team do, believe me, we get messed around by cynical galleries and such all the time, the Art Car Boot Fair team a vital blast of fresh air, they might not get it right every time, who does? but they do always do things with the very very best intentions and they do constantly put on brilliant events, the art year would be far poorer without them, bring it all on, see you on the 4th…


Kunsty-the-Clown was really looking to today’s Viral Art Car Boot Fair … alas, a digital ‘brick’ wall arose, and it has been postponed, and will now take place on 4th October … See you then, Kunsty x



And Emma Harvey has her Ponies Against Patriarchy and her Riot Grrrl attitudes ready to go


See you all on the 4th

Official Site


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