Thanks for coming, now what next?

Well the re-booted Art Car Boot Fair eventually became a week-long event rather than the six hour event it was going to be, lots of art was sold, lots of on-line connections ere made, packages sent off around the world and well thanks from us participating Cultivate artists both to the brilliant orgasnisers who did an wonderful job in very trying conditions and to everyone who took the time to checkout the art and say hello.

What next for Cultivate? Well we don’t honestly know, the situation seems rather precarious in terms of putting on physical shows, precarious both financially and in terms of the ongoing pandemic and what looks like it might be a second full lockdown. The Arts Council still aren’t much help, we’ve pretty much given up on them now, there are empty spaces, we could put on shows, we are being offered galleries and reduced-price deals if we want to put on shows but we’re still licking our wounds from back in March when the lockdown first hit us, and if we do put on a show we certainly can’t have a noening night. We have to ask would anyone much want to come if we did put on an in-person physical show right now? Do we wan to sit in a mask in a gallery all day? I guess we could do more on-line? People are asking us when the next on-line shows are going to happen. Watch this space I guess, we have been talking about future plans today and what we can do and what we want to do, we know what we’d like to do, we can’t wait to start putting on shows and hanging art and meeting people and doing the things we do…

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