Alright then, what next? Au suivant?

And so yes, it is a bloody minded thing now, no stopping, monhly? next? We need to come up with a name for the next one, hang on let me see what Alex Harvey has to say, the answer with be on his Next album… oh yes, “Maybe a word, a smile” That will do it, a line from his version of “Next (Au suivant)”, not as good as Scott Walker’s version, a Jacques Brel song, Vambo has come to the rescue. none of this make sense to you, – hang on, actually, maybe the next show is called “Next (Au suivant)”, we’ll it was Scott Walker, that’s our faith healed, next…

Anyway “Next (Au suivant)”

How does Tuesday 20th April sound to you? Same as the last three times? Same place, different month, another carefully curated on-line group show? Alright?


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