A year to the day since we had to lock down the Insert show and closed the door on physical gallery shows…

Cultivate presents Insert (Title Here) at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2, March 2020 –

Facebook has just chosen to remind me that it was one year ago today that we had to close the then Cultivate show at Shipton Street and suck up the financial loss (the rent stll had to be paid) Gallery. One year since we (rightly) went into Lockdown. Since then without any support from anyone (are you reading Arts Council with your emergency government funding), we were part way through a month of shows, the final show that didn’t happe nwas going to be the one that paid for it all

One whole year in one kind of lockdown or another, As Cultivate we’ve managed to survive a financially disasterous year and put in an ongoing programme of on-line shows, exhibit the work of around two hundred artists from all over the land and indeed the globe, people from all kinds of backgrounds, indeed we continure to do so, the Alright show opened earlier this week, the Next show opend on April 20th We don’t know when we’ll be back in physical form, we’re starting ot make plans, put together ideas. It has been a long long year, we’re itching to get back, one whole year (besides that one weekend pop up we got in late last year) we’re not going to rush it though, not until we know it is safe for everyone. The year since that show had to close has been a tough one, it has been a positive one in terms of Cultivate and getting art and artists out there though, there has been quite a few positives in terms of the busy on-line shows we’ve put on together, the many new artists (to us) that we’ve included alongside the Cultivate regular, it has in many ways been positive, on we go. Next….

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