Coming next then, Next, the next on-line

Today is mostly about Next, or to give the next show its full title Next (Au Suivant). It is essentially the next show, we won’t say just the next show but it kind of is, we are feeling that these on-line shows during the period of lockdown have thrown up lots of positives so on we go. Next will be the ninth on-line show of the Covid period, the first one, #43Artists was something we were going to do well before the pandemic invaded our lives, we have been putting together on line shows since 2017. The shows during lockdown have featured over 200 artists from all over the land and indeed the globe, people from all kinds of backgrounds, of all ages. The shows are about engagement, about art and artists coming together, we are very (very) picky about the art we feature, a lot of care goes into the curation and the selection but we do like to think the shows are open and inclusive. We can’t wait to get back to physical shows, and wide open doors, realistically that won’t be happening yet, for now the on-line shows go on, Next is next, it does look like we’re doing this monthly now. There is an open call element to Next but you do need to be quick

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