As we do keep saying, the open call elements of our shows are important…

Today we’re going through the last of the submissions for Next, most of the artists when the show actually goes up on line will have been directly invited (artists we already know or have worked with before, artists we’ve spotted on various social media feeds and such, we do bookmark and save a lot of Instagram images and such, lots of sending links back and forth) but as we do keep saying, the open call elements of our shows are important.. Once again there have been hundreds of submissions from all over the land and indeed the globe (thank you) and we do like to go through everyone of them properly, take a look at the actual art, the websites of the artists to see what else they might have or what their attitude to it all is.  We do like to try and answer everyone who has submitted work, something a little more than a cold rude and heartless cut ‘n paste rejection like most do. We still have lots of submissions to go through so if you have submitted please be patient.  We haven’t charged you a dubious “admin fee” just to submit and e.mail, we haven’t asked you to jump through hoop after hoop,  we did ask you to read the open call properly and some clearly haven’t which is a little annoying and yes there is an occasional rude person who shows very little respect of professionalism and confirms we were right to say no by bombarding us with insults and bitterness. Most people atre great though, most people seem to appreciate the time taken to respond. We do try to answer everyone, we do like to take the time to look at everything properly, to go back again if we’re not sure first time around, so please do give is a little time and space. We do like to do it properly, we will get back to everyone by the end of the week, please don’t be e.mailing us here there and everywhere, at least give us to the end of the weekend.

We do love the open call element of a show, for all the time wasters and the rude people there are more who’s art excites us, we’ve found lots of exciting artists through out open calls. please just give us a little time and space, give us the weekend and then if you haven’t heard from us, then contact us. Thanks you. oh and if you’re from the damn Art Council, this is us walking it rather than just writing fancy art-talk wordsoup press releases and talking it, “Let’s Create” indeed      

We’lll be along with the full artist line up for Next early next week….


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