The full artist line up for the next Art Car Boot Fair has been announced, tickets are on sale, flora and fauna, including quite a few Cultivate-related artists…

There’s an Art Car Boot Fair coming up, we mention this here because we’ve taken part in a quite a few of them now either as Cultivate or as Cultivate-associated artists. The Art Car Boot Fair has been a big part of the (East) London art scene for quite a few years now, were not here for a history lesson today though, maybe we’ll do that next week, it is a brilliant history. Today we’re just bringing the next Art Car Boot Fair event to you attention. There’s a whole feature over on the Organ website – ORGAN PREVIEW: The full artist line up for the next Art Car Boot Fair has been announced, tickets are on sale, flora and fauna abound…

We Cultivate founders Emma Harvey and Sean Worrall aare taking part as inducidual artists, there’s a number of names hopefully damiliar Cultivate regulars participating, Cultivate-associated artists past and present, people like Julia Maddison, Quite British Aceent , Nick Grindrod, Carrie Reichardt and quite a few more, the full list is further down the page

This time around the event is happening on line, here’s some of what we said over on the Organ pages; The full list of participating artists, galleries and such for the next Art Car Boot Fair event has now been announced. The next event starts on Saturday May 15th, another on-line event, this one featuring over 150 artists and galleries, as well as freshly designed website and lots of flora and fauna as wel las on-lien event direct from participating artists studios. Tickets have just gone on sale, advance tickets for this artist-led event get you priority access, only ticket holders get in for the first 24 hours, the fair opens at 10am on Saturday May 15th, the fair becomes a free event with access open to everyone everywhere at 10am on Sunday16th May, the fair runs until 8pm on Monday May 17th. Full ticket details and everything else you need over on the official Art Car Boot Fair website

Art Car Boot Fair May 2021

“As we emerge from a locked down winter, the ACBF Flora & Fauna Edition will present an abundant celebration of the natural world through the eyes, brushstrokes, hands, lenses and visions of a dewdrop-bright line-up of artists. Expect a profusion of works from emerging shoots and re-sprouting hardy perennials (!), with floral delights, curious creatures, nature made strange and dark beings lurking in the bushes! The festival-style atmosphere of the Art Car Boot Fair will be channelled through a Programme of the Day and Live & Direct links into artists studios curated to feature engaging, spirited artist-led adventures and experiences plus a few surprises. Artworks and wares are produced exclusively for the Art Car Boot Fair. Art, Frivolity and Serious Bargains Guaranteed!”

And as one of the participating artists I would once again like to point out how artist-friendly the whole Art Car Boot Fair thing is. You see where most art fairs charge us artists an absolote fortune to participate and while most art fairs only consideration in terms of artist selection is who will pay their outragious fees, where msot art dairs see us a mere cash cows, the Art Car Boot Fair charges the participating artists not a single thing – no fees, no nonsence, no explotation, no extra charges to plug in and extra light or to blow your nose, no no no. The Art Car Boot Fair is a proper artist-led artist-friendly event, a carefully curated event and we artists all consider it a very big honour to be selected or invited. This is a proper art event and whatever the format, an Art Car Boot Fair, be it down Brick Lane or over in Kings Cross or in a car park in Liverpool or on the seafront at Folkestone or in a forest in Sussex or in this case on-line, wherever it happening, the Art Car Boot Fair is always a hilight of any art year.

Art Car Boot Fair 2020 – Pam Hogg

Right now we artists are busy producing new exclusive pieces just for the fair, one-off paintings that will debut at the fair or special print runs and yes, special prices, it is truely in the spirit of an car boot fair it is still slightly anarchic, it is still very much in the spirit of that Fate Worse than Death back there and yes, okay, it isn’t quite the same as meeting at a physical fair, there good things

‘KINspace, Aaron Bevan Bailey, Abigail Fallis, Ace Editions, Adam Bridgland, Alice Herrick, Amelia Troubridge, Anne Ryan, Art on a Postcard, Atom Gallery, Babak Ganjei, Beatrice Brown, Ben Eine, Bench Allen, Billy Childish, Blacklodge, Bling, BlusterOne, Bridgeman Editions, Bumble & Earwigm C.A.Halpin, Camille Phoenix, Carl Cashman, Carla Borel, Carrie Reichardt, Catherine Lette, Ceal Warnants, Cedar Lewisohn, Charming Baker, Chris Burns,Christian Furr, Christine Binnie, Dannielle Hodson, Darren Coffield, David Bray, David Edmond, Dion Kiton, Eelus, Emma Biggs, Emma Douglas, Emma Forrester, Emma Harvey, Euan Roberts, Faye Bridgewater, Flying Leaps, Frea Buckler, Geraldine Swayne, Gleyeson, Groocks Gallery, Grow Up, Gráinne Nagle, Hamish Lloyd-Platt, Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, Haus of Lucy, Hayden Kays, Heath Kane, Helen Jones, Holly Allan, Hospital Rooms, Ian Dawson, Isabel Bannerman, Joanna Ham, Jake Clark, James Joyce, James Unsworth, Jason Gibilaro, Jealous Gallery, Jess Albarn, Jess Wilson, Jimp Was Ere, Jonathan Mannion, Joseph Gibson Studio, Josephine Wood, Julia Maddison, Julia Vogl, Keeler Tornero , Kate Bland, Kate Knight, Keira Rathbone, Kelly-Anne Davitt, Kerry Lemon, Kristjana S Williams, L-13, LadyMuck, Laura New, London Drawing, Luke Passey, Margo McDaid, Marion Piper, Mark Titchner, Mark Wigan, Marty Thornton, Mat Collishaw, Mekia Machine, Mimei Thompson, Misha Milovanovich, Nick Grindrod, Nina Mae Fowler, Oli Fowler, Orlanda Broom, OurTypes, Pam Hogg, Paul Davis, Paul Sakoilsky, Paula MacArthur, Phil Constable, Phillip Reeves, Planet Patrol Studio, Polly Morgan, Pure Evil, Quiet British Accent, R & F MO, R H Prints, Robert Rubbish, Rachel Megawhat, Rankin, Richard Hoffman, Richard Mark Rawlins, Richard Wentworth, Richard Woods, Rob and Nick Carter, Robert Cooper, Rosie Emerson, Rugman, Ryan Mosley, Sadie Hennessy, Sara Pope, Sarah Duncan, Sarah Graham, Sarah Staton, Scarlett Bowman, Schoony, Sean Worrall, Shave Drigley, SheOne, Sikelela Owen, Simone Lia, Smithson Gallery, Sonia Boyce, Stanley Donwood, Stedhead, Stephanie Carlton Smith, Susie Hamilton, Tamsin Relly, The Contemporary Art Society, The Great Imagining, The Misfortune Teller, Theatre Makers S.P., Tony Beaver, Trish Wylie, Trolley Books, Turps, Villain, Wildcat Will Blanchard, Wilma Johnson, Xone

Art Car Boot Fair


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