Ahead of May’s Art Car Boot Fair, a piece on Organ and Cultivate that we’ll trumpet unashamedly here…

There’s a very nice piece from Art Car Boot Fair curator Karen Ashton that takes in some of the Organ history as well as some Cultivate, it went up on the Art Car Boor Fair website yesterday ahead of May’s Flora and Fauna adition of said fair. Must admit it was a nice shot in the arm after the emotion of yesterday and the news of Paul Cunningham that got a lot of the Atom Seed fanily reconnecting. Nice see some acknowledgement in terms of Cultivate. We love being invited to take part in the Art Car Boot Fair, I certainly do, the May event might be on-line and okay, it isn’t quite the same as gathering in a big open space and al lthe music and dancing and performance and colour and being face to face with each other, but there are lots of positives to on-line events as well, especially in terms of those who can’t always get to to London (or wherever the fair has taken us in recent years, we have been to Liverpool, Margate, Hastings, Folkstone, Ashdown Forest in Sussex). Anyway there’s a nice piece on Cultivate and Organ and Emma Harvey’s paintings and some of the things I do…


For the forthcoming Flora and Fauna edition of the Art Car Boot Fair Emma Harvey is revisiting her rather engaging feminist riot grrrl flavoured series of ‘Ponies Against Patriarchy’ paintings, producing a new ‘fruity’ series on 10x10cm square canvas and only available for sale at the Art Car Boot Fair. Emma will also have some special oil studies painted directly on to vintage flower book plates featuring some new circle paintings that she is currently working on – until we get to see all her large circle paintings collected together on a gallery wall.

Meanwhile I shall be focusing on new paintings and fresh layers of growth, the flora that has been part of my recent output as an artist trying to exist in the gentrification and destruction of East London, I shall be producing a number of paintings on the thoughtlessly discarded boards of greedy estate agents picked up off streets, on the waste material that people just throw out with little regard for these times of drastic climate change, the idea that when we’re all gone, Mother Nature will reclaim it all back with her layers of fresh growth. I shall also be presenting the most recent in the ongoing series of daily concluded Ten paintings, a series of paintings on 10cm square canvas that have been evolving in my studio on a daily basis since July 2020. Always on 10cm square canvas, always offered in line with the notions of the Cheap Art Manifesto, at a price of £10, the 30 paintings produced in April will be offered first via the Art Car Boot Fair’


Some of the art we shall have at the fair…

One thought on “Ahead of May’s Art Car Boot Fair, a piece on Organ and Cultivate that we’ll trumpet unashamedly here…

  1. Thank you for sharing the images of your work. I completely agree. I am inspired by you making small works for £10 and leaving pieces for people to find. I am going to find a way of applying this to my practice..

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