Still will happen in May…

Still? Be still? Still here? Still. Are they monthly? Still? We did kind of say the Cultivate on-line shows would maybe be monthly this year, they certainly have been so far. and yes, we might be coming out of whatever the Lockdown situation is now and well we could, whatever the situation, follow up April’s Next as well as January’s ReCultivate, February’s Self and the Alright? show that happened in March with another on-line show in May couldn’t we? We are starting to get busy with other things now, physical shows and such, there are lots and lots of positives to be found in on-line shows, I think we can say the Cultivate on-line shows have been, on the whole, positive

Still will open on Tuesday May 25th, 7pm, once again brought to you by Cultivate, once again hosted on the pages of Organ, once again a carefully curated group show and once again there will be an open call element, as we keep saiyng, new artistic blood is vital.

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