Still? Why not? Still will open on May 25th…

Coming next in terms of the carefully curated series of on-line exhibitions from Cultivate, a group show called Still.  We’re opening up again now but we see no reason why this series of on-line shows should not go on, they’ve been received in a rather positive way over the last twelve months

We see no reason why we shouldn’t carry on with the on-line shows as things open up and we wait to see if the new normal will be the same as the old normal. Still will be another curated group show brought to you by Cultivate, invited artists from all over the land and the globe, some familiar to Cultivate regulars some new in terms of showing with us. New artistic blood is always an important part of what we do, as we flow through this tenth year of Cultivate we like to think there will be one or two artists showing with us on May 25th that we don’t know about yet.

Still – will be another carefully cultivated thoughtfully curated maximalist on-line group show. The fifth of 2021, it kind of looks like this has become a monthly thing (maybe), this is a non-stop artist-led operation. Opening night, Tuesday May 25th 2021, 7pm UK time. Once again hosted on the Organ website at – of course once the show is open we see no reason to close it, all Cultivate on-line shows can still be explored, here’s the link to the previous two…

Cultivate presents Next (Au Suivant) – An on-line art exhibition

Cultivate presents Alright? – An on-line art exhibition

We shall post a direct link to Still here as soon as the show has opened, watch this space.
Still will be the16th on-line show from Cultivate and we think the 165th Cultivate show since that Netll Market takeover here in Hackney back in the summer of 2011 (something like 165 anyway, we might have missed one or two).
A list of artists participating will magically start appearing in a day or so

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