The Deflect exhibition has now been open for a week, here’s a flavour of what you can see…

The Deflect show has now been open for a week (view it here), we’re feeling rather pleased with it, the viewing numbers are exciting again, over 25,000 in the first week, viewers from all over the globe, artists from all over the land and indeed the world. Like we keep saying, we don’t see these on-line shows as replacements to physical exhibitions, but we do see them, especially in this uncomplicated format, as being of positive value. We will be back with physical shows once we can be really sure about the Covid situation, for now, we’re going on with a 2022 programme of on-line shows. Deflect, like all Cultivate on-line shows, will remain open, there are no plans to close any of them, they are all hosted here on the Organ magazine website

We have some screenshots of Deflect but please do go run the slide show and view it all properly, we think the show deserves to be viewed properly.  We’re at work on the next Shows now, Book will be along in February, we’re enjoying these on-line shows and the way they pull people together…

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