Book is coming next, there is an open call element…

We plan to carry on with our series of on-lines shows, we ran six during the first six months of 2021 and while we still wait for whatever shape the new normal will take, we see no reason why we shouldn’t run the on-line shows on a monthly basis in 2022 alongside whatever else we’re doing. Things got off to a very positive start this year with Deflect, on we go with Book

Book will open online at 7pm on Tuesday February 22nd hosted once again on the Organ magazine website at  We will once again be personally inviting the majority of the artists, but as always the flow of artistic new blood is very important. There is an open call aspect, and we would like to have at least a dozen artists we don’t actually know yet, we also welcome those who have shown with us before to submit again. Please do check out one of the the recent previous online shows here on the Organ website to get a flavour of what we do and what we’re looking for, one of the most recent online show with an open call element was the Still show, or go check out the Alright? show or January’s Deflect show.

Theme? Normally we say we don’t need a theme, just art that excites us enough to want to share it but this timr we do, the show is called Book, we invite artists to submit work with that title in mind.  Pieces that feature books, paintings of books, paintings in books. paintings of books, installation pieces, sketch books, sketch book pages, who knows what, you’ve viewed our shows, you can get an idea, the full details of the open call are here

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