Monday Monday, Mixtapes, Art Car Boot Fairs, Three x Threes, busy busy…


Monday Monday, what are we doing today? Too many things at once is the answer to that one. Mixtape No.2 is still being explored by healthy numbers of people from all over the globe and Emma and I have both been busy getting new work together for the next Art Car Boot Fair, more about our part in that that later, it opens on Thursday December 1st at 6pm. Now with the best will in the world we can’t be juggling too many balls at once and with that in mind, our next online show, Three x Three (Part Seven) will now open on Thursday December 8th, once again three artists sharing out space, probably almost certainly our very last show of the year (maybe), more about Three x Three (Part Seven) later as well. Lots of things to tell you later but right now I need to make use of this good painting light, it gets so dark so early these days! Bring on the Spring and longer days,  more about our Spring plans late, we are busy Cultivating and things, we do have plans. Have you had a look at Mixtape No.2 yet? We’re still rather happy with it, did you listen to the Mixtape that goes with it? Did you, did you, did you? Got to go, more later, look at that painting light! Got to paint..  


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