Two Mixtape artists, Sarah Jones and Julia Maddison, answer those 13 questions…

Two sets of answers to the question of 13 questions over on our sister website Organ, both from artists who feature in the current Mixtape No.2 group show.

Sarah Jones

SARAH JONES13 QUESTIONS FROM ORGAN: Artist Sarah Jones and her recently discovered deep love of posts – Artist Sarah Jones has been busy making posts, making art with posts, making art out of posts, there’s something very spiritual about her posts, I feel a great need to quietly walk around one of her posts, I love the way the they just stand there in the sunshine, I love the tactile qualities… read on

Julia Maddison

15: JULIA MADDISON13 QUESTIONS FROM ORGAN: What has artist Julia Maddison made today? What is that white horse doing there? A road movie? – The Thirteen Questions thing again. This time the twelve generic questions, as well as that special thirteenth one, have been fired at an artist who’s ever evolving work and attitude towards her work we have been enjoying for a good few years now… read on

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