A little reminder of Madeleine Strindberg at Cultivate before the year ends…

Now we posted this little piece on the Organ website back at the very end of December 2021 in a piece that also featured Five pieces of art – Wawi Navarroza’s beautifully stylised photographs, Wayne Thiebaud’s cakes, Kayla Mahaffey, Martha Cooper, and Petro alongide Madeleine Strindberg’s paintings… and here we are now at the end of December 2022, looking back over the year and well, here’s the Madeleine bit of that psot post from just over a year ago….

Madeleine Strindberg – We were going through thousands of old photos from the first ten years of Cultivate, Madeleine has been a regular contributor ro our shows for most of that time – ORGAN THING: Before the year ends, a little more trumpet blowing and a marking of ten years of carefully Cultivated art shows… – there are no decent photos of these two big paintings which is really annoying, they’re two of her best from recent years, people really should take a closer look at Madeleine’s paintings.

Madeleine has been showing with us at Cultivate regularly over the last ten years, she always intrigues us, we’re not sure why she doesn’t get far more attention than she does. We end 2022 today with this reminder of two large paintings that were probably on our walls back in 2013…

One thought on “A little reminder of Madeleine Strindberg at Cultivate before the year ends…

  1. Hi Sean just read your mail and now frantically looking for better pics- thanks so much sounds great will be in touch a.s.a.p +happy New Year! Madeleine 

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