Off we go with a pro-active 2023 then…

We’re off and running, new year, more activity, more looking beyond the London bubble, more shows, more on-line exhibitions for we like the way our on-line shows reach out around the land and the globe to artists like Melike over in Turkey, or Sarah Jones over in Worcestershire or that artist from Manchester or Shrewsbury or Cumbria we haven’t encountered yet. The intention in is to build on the success of last year’s on-line shows and do more more more both on the Cultivate website and our sister Organ website, to reach out more and more, beyond the insular attitudes of our home city where it really is difficult to get someone from a gallery to cross the road to look at a show they’re not putting on themselves. We do of course go to lots of shows ourselves, today is the First Thursday of 2023 and we shall be out exploring new exhibition openings tonight, we are previewing and reviewing other people’s shows on the Organ website.

We’re ready to get going with 2023, the submissions are already coming in for Mixtape No.3 and the invitations (and responses) from us are starting to go out for not only the next Mixtape as well as the other on-line exhibitions we’re working on right now. The plan is to run a positive pro-active maximalist Spring series of shows (as well as get back to physical shows once Spring starts to kick in).    

Here’s a compilation of images from the last eleven years of Cultivate posted for no reason whatsoever.


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