Debased, the artists, part three, Amy Kingsmill, Lynne Blackburn….

Lynne Blackburn - Ghost Building

Lynne Blackburn – Ghost Building

Debased is almost upon us, we’re rather looking forward to it…

CULTIVATE DEBASED at BSMT Space 22-25 September 2016. Opening night: Thursday 22 September, 6pm until 9pm then open: Friday 23, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September 11am until – 7pm each day.  at: BSMT Space, 5D Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, London, N16 8BH

CULTIVATE returns to Dalston and that beautiful basement knows as BSMT Space. In March it was DEBASER and slicing up eye balls, on September 22nd it will be DEBASED. Another gathering of pro-active artists and a maximalist exercise on cross-pollination. A room alive with contemporary painters, so-called street artists, performers, print makers and more…. Artists taking part include: ADAM ESPIRA, AMY KINGSMILLAPPLE TART,  BRUCE LOVELOCK,  CHRISTOPHER CACHELIN (aka Kidd Feather),  DEBORAH GRIFFINDIANE GOLDIEELIZABETH SANDFORD RICHARDSON, EMMA HARVEYIAN BAILEY, MUTINY,  LYNNE BLACKBURN, MARNIE SCARLETTMEGAN PICKERING, MIA-JANE HARRIS, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT,  ROSSO, SEAN WORRALL,  THIS ONE….

Here’s a third small taste and a flavour or two of some of the artists taking part, just small sound bites and little bits of flavours of the artists…

Amy Kingsmill - 'Bloom'

Amy Kingsmill – ‘Bloom’

AMY KINGSMILL will be performing her new piece Bloom on Thursday at 8pm. (Blood Ballet prep photographer- James Copeman). There’s some previous Organ coverage and a selection of imagery that went up online ahead of Amy’s performance at Play last year, explore it all here



LYNNE BLACKBURN has been quite a regular at Cultivate, we always get so much out of Lynne being involved in out group shows and exhibitions. Now I’m no printmaker  and I don’t really know how she achieves what she does but her beautiful multi-screened prints are so alive with colour, with texture, depth and I guess (although I don’t know) alive with technical dexterity – and although there’s obviously a high degree of skill involved, with all due respect and admiration, I don’t really care that much about that side. I’m more interested in the result of whatever it is Lynne does, the interest is in the piece that ends up on the wall – beautiful colours, delicious repeats, glorious textures and often with a not to obvious slice of a social or political undercurrent,  There’s print makers and then there’s artists who really do explore the possibilities of print making, the layers and relationships of shape and colour, the glory of texture. Lynne Blackburn isn’t an artist who comes jumping off a wall demanding your immediate attention, her  work is just there, quietly waiting for you to take a proper look rather than a polite glance, art there to really be discovered and get lost in. I can spend hours just looking at  a Lynne Blackburn print, indeed I have done just that when we’ve had shows on, why do you think we keep asking her back, there’s something rather special about a Lynne Blackburn print, rather looking forward ot seeing what she has for us this Thursday evening, she promises a new series of pieces called “Ghost Buliding”, there’s one of them at the top of the page

Here’sa load of Lynne Blackburn images “borrowed” off social media and such, click on an image ot enlarge or run the slide show……


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