OPEN CALL: Deadline for submissions for Attract Part Two is February 13th…

Attract (Part 2) – An on-line show – Deadline for submissions is midnight UK time on February 13th


Attract (Part 2) – Following on from the success of the first physical Cultivate gallery show of 2019, we shall hold another of our on-line shows, Attract Part 2 will be hosted on both the Organ website at and here on the Cultivate gallery website, the show will open on-line on both websites on 24th February 2019, just over one month on from the opening of the original Attract show at BSMT Space in Dalston. Cultivate is a London based thing and what we do mostly involves London art spaces and London artists but we do like to reach out beyond the capital with our on-line shows and once the shows go live they stay up on-line to be viewed from anywhere around the globe. So far there has been five on-like shows, each one enjoyed big viewing numbers during the opening days and weeks and each one continues to be viewed on a daily basis by visitors from all over the world. The on-line shows are of course no real substitute for a physical gallery show where the texture of a painting can live and breath or a piece of sculpture can be walked around again and again, but an on-like show can be a very positive thing, an on-line can help fuel the need to know more about an artist, we rather like the idea that someone in California can view the work of an artist based in say North Wales or New Zealand or Argentina via the websites of a gallery and a magazine both based in the UK and the curation of two artists living and working in London – no substitute for physical shows but on-like shows, when they’re done well can be positive things, these are the times we live in, let’s embrace them, .

The work on show in Attract Part 2 will be selected by Cultivate’s Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey, the show will once again feature the work of personally invited artists as well as art and artists found via an open call. We plan to feature the work of around 43 artists or so, we hope to feature several artists we’ve not heard of before, new blood is an important part of what we do via Cultivate ..

The Open Call aspect

Deadline for submissions is midnight UK time on February 13th. Artists can submit no more than five images of there work, we also require (insist) a link to your website so we can go explore a little more about you and then add the link if you are selected (it has to be a proper working website or at least an active artist’s social media page – a Facebook or Instagram page dedicated to your art rather than picture of your tea or your dog’s nose. What we don’t want are links to dreadful things like that Saatchi shop site, websites like that can maybe, at a push, be useful tools for some artists, but surely not as your first point of contact Please send us links to a proper working professional website please) Submissions via e.mail to info @ cultivategallery dot com, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a response and some feedback. There is of course no charge for submission or in terms of taking part in a show (there is never an excuse for a gallery to charge an artists just to submit work via an e.mail to an open call, any gallery that argues otherwise is just looking to cynically exploit artists rather than wanting to work in a positive way with artists). We will expect you to help publicise the show though, we will expect to see links and news on your websites and social media pages ahead of the opens as well as when the show is live, the more effort we all ake the more these things work, all about artists coming together and making things work

There is no real theme to the show, we just want exciting stimulating art, we will want the show to flow as one whole, we will want the images of work to be strong and we will be very picky about the selection and the quality of the image. We will lean towards paintings and painters this time but hey, if you send in an exciting image of a piece of sculpture or a piece of textile art or an installation then fine, if excited then in it goes – the one thing we really don’t want photography, no photography in terms of the open call please, just well taken photographs of your work, of your paintings (it must be your work, don’t be submitting a photo of a painting you saw in a gallery that you rather liked, it may sound obvious to say it, but past experience tell us we need to). What we really like is a sense of the painting or piece rather then just a flat lifeless image, do take a moment to explore previous on-line shows to get an idea and a flavour, the links are just down there.


INTENT (Part One)





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