The #43Artists on-line show, the current Columbia Road shows and a slight Coronavirus update, the current show will now be extended by one week, the third and final show of March is cancelled…


What a glorious Spring morning, at times like this we need glorious sunshine and creativity, and indeed on-line exhibitions, #43Artists will be our seventh on-line show, ithe online shows aren’t intended as replacements to the physical shows we put on, they are there to compliment then, we’ve been curating on-line shows for a couple of years now, you can find them all on the Organ website. #43Artists is mostly going ot consist of invited artists, there is a small open call element We shall be going through the many submissions today and this week (and no we don’t charge artists just to open their e.mails, we’re not one of those galleries who see artists as cash cows). More details on the Facebook event page, Emma and I will start announcing artlists and listing them on the Facebook event page today, If you had made a submiossion, expect to hear from us today or tomorrow, we were a little busy last week with the (ongoing) Insert show and such..


Cultivate presents Insert (Title Here) at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2, March 2020 –

As for Insert (Title Here), the second of what was going to be three physical shows that were going to make up our latest Columbia Road Takeover at Shipton Street Gallery. Insert (Title Here) opened last Thursday evening after the rather successful Nothing on Square Pt.2 show. Insert (Title Here) is still open, we can only open the space at weekends anyway, it is partly someone’s home, we were open last weekend, the space opens straight on to the street, the policy at all Cultivate shows is to always have the door wide open, gallery doors tend to be such unfriendly barriers, so the place is alive with not only art but fresh air as well, seems to me that if you’re feeling well then fresh air and the piece and quiet of a gallery is a very good thing jsut as long as everyone gives everyone space (I tend to step outsaide and let people enjoy the space anyway). We will, unless policy and advise changes, be open with the door wide open next weekend and indeed the current show will now be extended by one week and last until the end of March  We had planned a third show for the month of March but that, under the resent circumstances does not feel like the right thing to do, an art shop opening night does not feel like the right thing right now, and so show number two is extended to the end of the month and show number three in cancelled until later on in the year…


Nothing is Square Pt.2, Cultivate at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2 – the art, March 2020 – Valeriya Vakutina, Emma Harvey, Liz Griffiths

Insert (Title Here) is now extended until March 29th, the third show on the March Columbia Road is now cancelled until…





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