All physical show postponed, #43ARTISTS opening brought forward to April 2nd, open call extended until midnight tonight…

We may have had to take dow nthe current Insert (Title Here) group show early and we migh thave had to cancel next week’s opening and such, but things must go on and we were doing the #43Artists show already, here’s an update.

The open call aspect for forthcoming #43ARTISTS show is now officially closed, the deadline was close of play last night, we’ve has something like 700 submissions, everyone who has submitted will have a response by March 25th, nearly everyone has had a response already actually.  It has been rather enjoyable exploring people’s submissions and websites (and we didn’t charge a penny for admin or any of that nonsense, none of that cynical Beers flavoured ZAP attitude here, our fellow artists are not our cash cows, there really really is no excuse to charge an artist a fee just to submit an e.mail and an image to an open call). Open calls are one of the many ways we find new artists to come join us and be part of our shows, open calls are important in terms of the flow of new blood. #43ARTISTS is our seventh on-line show, and we think out 154th Cultivate show in all, #43ARTISTS on line via the Organ website, Opening night will 8pm UK time on April 13th, everyone invited to the opening. Actually, I can’t wait that long, now we’re not running physical gallery shows, we’ll bring the date forward, watch this space.

No, w can’t wait, let’s bring forward the opening night to April 2nd. Now we have no physical shows to run until this virus goes away we don’t need os much time to pull this on-lineshow together

Actually, as we’re all stuck at home now, will extend the open call until midnight tonight, Monday March 23rd, just go to the open call page for details of how to submit.


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